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Juniper’s highly scalable MX series universal routers were implemented to help drive exponential growth for 21Vianet’s business operations while delivering optimal end-user experiences


Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that 21Vianet (NASDAQ: VNET), a leading carrier-neutral data center service provider in China, has deployed Juniper Networks® MX Series Universal Routing Platforms using segment routing traffic engineering (SR-TE) protocols to help meet the rising demands of data traffic and to support the ever-growing digital transformation needs of its customers.

With big data driving the explosive growth of internet traffic, the size of the Chinese Internet Data Center (IDC) market has been steadily expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of 27.1% since 2017 and is expected to reach US$35.4 billion by 20221. This has presented new opportunities for the IDC industry as more companies look to digitize their businesses.

As the largest carrier-neutral internet and data center provider in China, 21Vianet has played a crucial role as a major enabler of the wider IDC market’s exponential growth. Today, it operates a network of over 50 data centers in more than 20 cities nationwide where it houses more than 51,000 network cabinets offering over 2000G of port capacity and providing over 1000G of dedicated high-speed cloud access for its ever-growing user base across the world’s second largest economy.

In light of this ongoing explosive growth, 21Vianet consistently evolves and improves its data center development, an approach it shares with Juniper Networks. It would thus capitalize on its strong, long-term relationship with Juniper and its experience-first approach for its latest round of upgrades to ensure it could continue providing the backbone for this growth while ensuring a future-proof network for its projected traffic demands.

With the latest upgrade from Juniper Networks, 21Vianet has not just successfully increased the capacity, scale and stability of its network – but also provided the platform for much-improved efficiency and automation via the implementation of SR-TE protocols, allowing 21Vianet to pass on lower operational costs and management workloads to its customers, all while greatly improving the end-user experience.

  • Juniper Networks® MX Series Universal Routing Platforms have been deployed as core      routers across 21Vianet’s expanded interconnected data center.

  • The implementation of the EVPN-MPLS/VXLAN      protocol was applied to support application mobility, allowing network      administrators to easily migrate applications within and between various      data centers, allowing for operational efficiency while optimizing network      traffic flow.

  • The application of segment routing protocols has      also enabled simplified traffic management across 21Vianet’s multiple      network domains, all while fulfilling the demands of increased bandwidth      capacity.

“21Vianet has rapidly established itself among the largest and most influential service providers within the IDC industry in China. We are proud to have helped drive that growth and data center development over the years and are honoured to have once again enabled their latest upgrades in support of their accelerated market expansion. We remain committed to our vision of enabling organizations with our experience-first approach toward networking and we are confident that this ever-deepening relationship with 21Vianet can be a continued growth catalyst for the long-term development of the IDC industry across China and beyond.”

- Norman Lam, VP & Managing Director, China at Juniper Networks

“Juniper Networks has been a crucial, long-term technology partner alongside 21Vianet in our growth story through the years. As we continue to provide customers with the high-quality services required for them to succeed, our mutually beneficial partnership has provided us with the leading insights, technology and expertise necessary for the ongoing development of the data center arena. We look forward to continuing our strong cooperation alongside Juniper, which we believe will position us well not just to continue creating even more value for our customers, but also for the wider IDC industry across China in the long run.”

- 21Vianet

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